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Juan Padilla

About The Artist

Juan Calderón Padilla Padilla was born in Madrid, Spain in 1955. He is a painter with extraordinary talent and a well-refined artist. His palette of yellows, reds, and greens are his signature colors. He is an impressionist with great ability to paint from light to heavy atmosphere into his work by controlling the light, especially reflections on a rainy day. His clouds demonstrate this ability with light and cool colors of pinks, lavenders and yellows, blended into a range of whites. In every subject he paints, the accomplishment of creating depth is evident. It is a feature of the artist to find the beauty where it seem not to be present. Padilla reaches beyond the beauty; he is a poet of color. He knows how to capture the beauty in melancholic days. He said, “I have wanted to shape and color each feeling in order to watch it and feel it”. Calderón Padilla is also a plein Air painter, a romantic painter of places, he searches the world for scenes of sunlight and color. Not surprisingly, Padilla successes have grown out of his personal love of natural beauty. As a painter, he values directness and spontaneity. He approaches the canvas with passion and intensity in an effort to convey a vibrant sense of light. Padilla believes that he is successful as a painter when he has captured the essence of sunlight in one of his works. Given that fact, it becomes evident in examining his career that the majority of his works depict a “particular time of day”. It can be dawn, noon or dusk… but the sun is always present. Calderón Padilla knows his inspiration: “Without the sun there is no light, no color, no beauty, thus I am drawn to the landscape where beauty unabashedly exudes the fullness of life.”

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