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Maurice harvey

About The Artist

Residing in Carmel Valley, California for the past eighteen years, Maurice Harvey can look back on a varied and rewarding career in the arts. Born in England and educated from the Southend College of Art, Essex in England, he started his chosen profession being employed in London, as an illustrator, working on many national accounts for various advertising agencies. Emigrating to Canada, he continued in his commercial art, quickly gaining the reputation of a professional artist and enjoying the recognition of his peers, when he received the New York Art Directors Award. While in Canada, Harvey was commissioned to do a collection of paintings for the Canadian Centennial. These paintings were then presented to the Parliament Buildings of all the Provinces. When he moved to California he was hired by the Motion Picture Industry as a background artist. Among many of the animated series in which he participated was the popular series "Star Trek" which received coveted Emmy Award. Maurice Harvey's art finally found its way into fine art galleries where it was soon acclaimed for its diverse subject matter and attention to detail. Maurice Harvey's work has received worldwide recognition for it's timeless detail and brilliant artistry. His depiction of American and English landscapes and architectural scenes are exciting in their contrasts and their beauty. Harvey's landscapes are not sentimental. They are an expression of the artist's deep feelings, that in nature, man can find wonder and grace. In Carmel, Maurice paints the beautiful surrounding countryside for which the region is so well know. He searches out old buildings, ranches, and rapidly disappearing barns. Harvey says, "This is perhaps a final tribute when nobody seems to care and it's about to be scraped off and gone forever, but I've captured it on canvas and made it look beautiful even in it's final days.

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