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Ton Dubbeldam

About The Artist

Ton Dubbeldam Ton Dubbeldam was born in the small town of Schoonhoven, Holland in 1957. His father was a musician and his grandfather a painter. As a boy his passion for art was fueled by trips to Paris and the French countryside where he was inspired by the works of Impressionist masters Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, and Klimt. From Klimt he learned to do the high or very low horizons for which he is known. Through these unique views (as through the eyes of a child) the water and sky are strongly accented. This technique is combined with a particular light effect (“repousser”) he creates by pushing the light to the rear of the painting and making the foreground very dark. Ton says “You take a step into the painting and follow the light.” Ton Dubbeldam studied six years to become an art teacher, but after teaching only two years, he decided to paint full time when his own artwork started selling throughout Europe.

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