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Wen Z Chen

About The Artist

“Comprehensiveness creates a great painter. Painting is brainstorming of ones whole life.” Biography Wen Ze Chen is a Chinese immigrant who paints with a rare passion. His studio, in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is where Wen gets most of his inspiration for his paintings. Wen's background is profoundly diverse. He started as a young Peasant farmer in China and eventually became a renowned professor with a reputation that reached Italy. He followed his wife to America so she could pursue her doctoral degree in Engineering at Georgia Tech. With no English skills, he took any job that was available to help support his family. Wen worked as a carpet tester in a laboratory near Georgia Tech that tested the durability of carpets, walking back and forth all day long. He also worked as a floor polisher, polishing through the Georgia state capitol building. Wen finally achieved his goals of having his paintings represented in the Galleries around the United States as well as learning English. Wen speaks of his new country: "America is like one big classroom for me, it taught me everything, not just art. It's taught me what life is, and love, and parties, and friends. The independence that I've found here, this is my dream. When I become an American citizen, I will be like an eagle flying -- a bird. I will be able to go anywhere, because I am an artist." ` Education 1980-1984 Bachelor in Art,Su Zhou University, China

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